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Who can be a resident of the Watson Memorial Home?

The requirements to become a resident of the Watson Memorial Home are:
• Age 65 or older with Medicare Part A and Part B
• Single, Divorced, or Widowed Female
• Must be accepted by the physician and admissions committee after a physical and an interview are conducted with the prospective resident


How to start the process:

We encourage those who are interested in the Watson Memorial Home to call and set up a tour. If you would like, you can arrange to stay for a meal and spend some time in the facility on the same day of the tour, or you can take the tour and decide if you would like to come back for a day to experience a meal and the atmosphere. We strongly encourage anyone interested in coming to the Watson Home to first spend some time in our home. This is a very important decision for a lady to make for herself, and we want each resident to feel confident in the decision she makes.

After experiencing the home, if a lady is interested in becoming a resident, she needs to fill out an application. The application must be notarized before the lady enters onto our waiting list. The notarization can be done outside of the facility, or for the convenience of the ladies, we have a notary on-site. To have the application notarized at the Watson Memorial Home, an appointment must be made. The prospective resident must also attend an interview with our admissions committee and receive a medical examination performed by a physician or physician’s assistant at the Watson Memorial Home. For convenience of the ladies, we try to set up the interview and the physical on the same day unless requested otherwise by the prospective resident. These appointments usually are scheduled on Tuesdays.

Becoming a resident:

When a lady becomes a resident of the Watson Memorial Home, she must turn over all of her assets to the home and enter into a trust agreement with the home. There is NO minimum amount of assets required to be eligible to live at Watson Memorial Home. Assets include but are not limited to, a home (if the lady owns her home), cars, all home furnishings, social security, SSI, pensions, annuities, real estate (free of any liens), insurance policies, and any item considered by normal accounting principles to be an asset. The resident enters into a trust agreement and her assets then help to pay for the cost of her care for the rest of her life. Once your assets have exhausted or if you do not have many assets coming into the home, the Watson Home pays the difference for your care.

Every resident in the home is treated equally with no regard to the value of her assets. Every room in the home is set up very similarly and the same benefits of the home pertain to all residents in the home. Upon entering into the home and turning over assets, the home will open a checking account for the resident and will start the account with funds. These starting funds are the same for every resident. From there, going forward, every resident receives the same monthly allowance on the 1st of every month. Our bookkeeper is available to balance checkbooks and help with check writing if the resident prefers.

All utilities are paid for by the Watson Memorial Home except for telephone service. The home will assist with the requested phone service installation at the time of admission. Residents are responsible for their own phone and phone bill, but the bookkeeper will assist the resident with making the payments, if the resident wishes. Cable is provided if the ladies wish to bring a television from home. We also have a TV room where residents gather to watch television together.

Ladies may furnish their rooms with furniture from home, or the Watson Memorial Home will furnish it for them. We can have only single size beds in the rooms due to space limitations. Many ladies bring their own dressers, end tables and a chair from home, as well as a television. Also, decorating with pictures from home is encouraged as we strive to make this new room feel like “home” to the resident.


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