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No lady can be placed in the Watson Memorial home by a physician or family member. It must be the lady’s decision to move into Watson Memorial home. In order to be considered a candidate for residency, one must return the application, complete with signature and notarization, to enter onto the waiting list. At this point the candidate will enter onto the waiting list and will have the choice to begin admission process when there is an opening in the facility and they are the next candidate on the waiting list. If the lady decides that she is not yet ready to move into the facility, she can pass on the opening and will stay on the waiting list but will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Please keep in mind that we do not provide skilled care and at the time of admission, the candidate should be in reasonably good physical and emotional health. When moving into the facility, the resident should be independent with walking with or without use of walker or cane for a distance of 150-200’, independent with dressing and toileting and other daily care tasks and require minimal assistance with showering or bathing.

After being called for the opening the resident will need to attend an interview with the admissions committee of the Board of Directors and agree to a physical with our Physician or Physician’s Assistant to determine if the lady is the right fit for more facility and if Watson Memorial home will meet her needs.

Watson Memorial Home is not equipped to care for moderate to severe dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.Residents being considered for admission must be able to orient to the building with little cueing and must understand that if they are leaving the grounds, they must report to nursing prior to leaving.

There are no minimum or maximum financial requirements for admission to Watson Memorial Home. Whatever assets the resident owns, no matter how great or small, will become the property of Watson Memorial home. Assets include but are not limited to homes, vehicles, all home furnishings, insurance policies, pensions and retirement plans, and bank accounts. The Watson Memorial Home Board of Directors reserves the right to perform a title search to look back at any assets, sold or signed over in the five years preceding admission to the home. When the lady becomes a resident of Watson Memorial Home, the home becomes financially responsible for the resident for the rest of her life, so long as she chooses to stay a resident of the home.If the resident’s health declines and she needs the care of a rehabilitation center or a skilled nursing facility, Watson Memorial Home is responsible for the costs that are incurred with the stay.Watson Memorial Home will always try to bring the resident back to the home after rehabilitation, but can only do so if the resident is within our scope of care.

Long term care cost:

The cost of long term care depends on the type and duration of care needed, the provider of the care, and the location of the provider. The following information was taken from www.skilled nursing and is intended for comparison and informational purpose only.

The chart below reflects the average monthly cost for each service listed.The Watson Memorial Home is not set up with any such fee schedule but this information can help compare these types of services and their costs compared to turning over your assets to Watson Memorial Home.

Compare Costs by Type of Senior Care

Care Type

National Average Cost

Home Health Care
8 hours per week


Adult Day Care
Weekdays only


Assisted Living


Homemaker Service
44 hours per week


Home Health Care
44 hours per week


Nursing Home
Semi-Private - double occupancy room for one person


Nursing Home
Private - single occupancy room for one person


As you see, long term care can be very costly. At the Watson Memorial Home, all of our residents reside in a private room with a private half bath. There are three shower rooms available for the ladies’ use and there is also a whirlpool for relaxing baths. Our ladies receive all of this without the worry of paying monthly fees. If a resident is in need of skilled nursing care or hospital care, she will also receive the care she needs without the worry of monthly bills accumulated during a stay in one of these facilities


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